Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Brew Dog Paradox

Britain's most exciting new brewery barks again.

Brew Dog have been ageing stouts in whisky casks, and the results are spectacular. I won't bullshit you and pretend I'm a whisky connoisseur. I'm not, and I doubt I ever will be. Nevertheless, even I can pick out the flavours of Speyside, Islay and Invergordon in these 10% abv beers.

Collectively, they go by the name of Paradox. James and Martin haven't told me why, but I can think of one reason. They're fabulously smooth and gentle, yet offer a complexity that reminds me why I seek out this kind of stuff.

When you try them, expect cream and oak to compliment the roast flavours and warmth you'd expect from a strong stout. Give it a swirl in the glass and treat your nose to an aroma that offers a taster of the finest single malt. There are subtle differences in each of the different beers. Naturally, the Islay is gloriously peaty and smoky. The Invergordon was the most deceptively easy going, with vanilla particularly prominent. The Speyside seems to add a touch of orange.

I'm happy to endorse what the boys at Brew Dog are doing. They're producing potent but drinkable beers that demand respect. These aren't crass "extreme beers". To me, those are the fermented equivalent of Jodie Marsh. You'd be in there like a shot if the mood took you and no-one was looking - but you'd feel pretty wretched afterwards. Brew Dog's stouts are definitely saucy, but you could still take them home to meet you mum.


The Brew Dog
website has an online purchasing facility, as well as information on the brewery, the beers and the men that make them. I've also reviewed their Riptide Stout and Hardcore IPA.


  1. Sounds interesting. I am a whisky connoisseur, so I'd like to get my hands on this stuff. Do they have any plans on exporting??

    Stonch, you're quite a character. I see you've gone back to the posh lager glasses, and you've poured it with 3 inches of foam. What's the hell is going over there!? Don't forget you live on an Island called England.

  2. Whorst, there is no island called England! I assume you mean the island of Great Britain.

    That's the Beer Academy's posh tasting glass you see in the photo.

    I believe Brew Dog are currently negotiating with a US importer. Also, I've hooked them up with my pals in Rome who are interested in buying their beers.

  3. matt(rutgersbeerguy)October 17, 2007 12:15 am


    I certainly hope they come to an agreement with an American importer, certainly looks like top-notch stuff. Are you seeing much of it on cask?

  4. Matt, it seems the boys don't shy away from sending out casks of the strong stuff. Personally I haven't encountered any yet, but might the weekend after next if I make it to the beer festival at The Turf Tavern in Oxford (although it's looking likely I'll be in Prague that weekend instead, it's a tough life).

  5. matt(rutgersbeerguy)October 17, 2007 1:37 am

    God dammit are constantly driving me to jealousy.

    That said, I am a big fan of barrel-aged and other "oaked" beers. I had Flying Dog's whiskey barrel-aged Gonzo porter a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the mellowness that comes out. Fortunately, there are quite a few brewers in the US that have been playing with wood-aging.

  6. I've just had an email from Brew Dog. They've signed a deal with a US distributor. The first shipment will be sent over in December.

    They've also managed to get their Punk IPA listed by Tesco in Scotland, which is obviously a massive achievementfor a brewery that went online only 6 months ago.

  7. I've had the Riptide on tap before, it was a tasty pint but a litle too strong for my tastes. My mate insisted it tasted like the oatmeal stout I brewed back in July - high praise indeed

  8. "Brew Dog's stouts are definitely saucy, but you could still take them home to meet you mum."

    The fermented equivalent of Billie Piper, then. Saucy, substantial, and still mom-approved!

  9. Actually, I'm not sure I could take Billie Piper home with me. Both my parents have opined that she's "funny looking" in the past.

  10. It's great that they've got an US. distributor, and I know thery are making enquiries in various European countries. It's very impressive, these young guys are doing in six months what other micros need six years to do.

  11. Knut, they've already sent their first shipment to Denmark - hopefully they'll sort something out for Norway too.

    Brew Dog have also now sent bottles to my pal Manuele in Rome.

  12. I agree with your parents!!


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