Friday, 23 November 2007

Visions of Beer - the first entries

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Some of you are quick off the mark. I only announced the photo competition yesterday, and already three readers have come forward with a clutch of entries. I'm planning to post a selection of the photos I receive every week on Friday. Here's the first batch. Remember, the competition closes on Monday 17 December. If you want a crack at those prizes, get your entries in to now.

Andrew from Oxfordshire has taken two photos that pay homage to one of his favourite local breweries, Brakspear. He's also submitted a sombre image of spent beer barrels, lashed with rain late at night.

Olthwaite sent in this picture of the fireplace at his favourite pub: "Which 18th century former cottage sells an exclusive range of real ales and has Elmore James on the jukebox? It's The Sair in Linthwaite, near Huddersfield."

Gazza Prescott submitted these images from Tamworth Beer Festival, 2002. The first is of a frothy spile. The second is of casks lined up on stillage (a welcome sight for any beer lover, particularly a "scooper" like Gazza).

Another couple from Gazza. He was enjoying Belgian beer in his front room, and looked down into his glass to see the mysterious image of a heart had appeared in the foam. If that's not a ringing endorsement for sitting on your arse drinking beer, I don't know what is. The second photo was taken in Croatia, where he was touring with mates. The lads are presenting their makeshift beer cooler. Happy days.


  1. Photos aside, I was 'doing' a few pubs down your way last night and I noticed the Fox and Anchor had re-opened. I went in and it wasn't a curry house as someone told me it would be. It was a bit more tarted up but there were 6 ales on tap, 3 nethergate inc old growler, and a good bottled selection, which actually wasn't full of foreign beers but ST Peters and Wye Valley. The boxes in the back were still there. It's not that much different but i reckon you could persuade your bird to go now.... One drawback for me was that they were serving the ales in metal tankards with see through bottoms and I'm not sure people were getting their pints worth. What do you think of the new place?

  2. I was first! Well that's a first... my last photo seems to have come out rather dark... any chance of them being linked to pop ups to see full size?

  3. Andrew, sorry about the thumbnails not working yet - I need to fiddle with the HTML when I get a moment. I was the White Horse Old Ale Festival last night and am not at my best right now...


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