Monday, 17 November 2008

Beer + photography = prizes for you

So here it is: the Christmas 2008 beer blog contest, hosted by A Good Beer Blog of Ontario, Canada and Stonch's Beer Blog of London, UK. The photography theme worked well last year, so we're sticking with it.

Myself and my Canadian chum Alan have bothered our sponsors and pals for prizes, and we've come up with quite a haul. Best of all, you can win something wherever you live. Namibian pastoralists, you can rejoice. Scientists stationed in Antarctica, feel the love. Patagonian Welshmen, even you can win. This is truly global.

There are three UK-only prizes:

  • From Beer-Ritz, Britain's bestest online beer retailer and this site's generous sponsor, an international selection of a dozen harder-to-find dark ales, stouts and porters.
  • From BrewDog, Aberdeenshire (the closest thing to rock stars in the beery firmament), two mixed cases of their singular concoctions.
For Ontarians, we have this to offer:

  • From Roland + Russell, beer importers, a gift basket of miscellaneous love and good feeling.
  • From Church-key Brewing of Campbellford, a brewery tour and lunch at their Stinking Rose pub.

For those in the USA, where socialism and terrorist-pallying have been deemed acceptable after all:

  • From Flying Dog Brewery of Maryland, USA (and this is verbatim, because it makes no sense to me) "a Barrel-aged Gonzo, Humphrey the Humper dog, Gonzo Poster and Gonzo T-shirt".
Finally, for everyone, there's all of this lovely gubbins to be shipped to wherever the bloody hell you live:

How to enter: Email beer-related photographs, taken by your good self, to BOTH (me) and (Alan) before 9pm London time on Sunday 14 December 2008. You can enter more than one photo. You'll need to include you full name and postal address, which we'll disclose only to the prize-giver if you're a winner. We'll upload all the photos to a joint gallery as we go along.

The picture you're looking at was taken by John Lewington, our first prize winner last year. He called it "Two pints of bitter". You can read the story behind that photo here.


  1. Who's signing the t-shirt?

  2. Well, the Gonzo stuff is likely a reference to the author Hunter Thompson. Which kind of makes sense as most of their art is done by Ralph Steadman. The two worked together in the 70's... The brewery is in CO. where Thompson lived before he ate the end of a gunbarrel and there appear to be some ties b/w the author and the brewery...
    Viva le USSA! Now I can start wearing my Che hat again!! ;-)

  3. G'Day Jeff,
    Have put together a piece to spread the word about the comp down here in Aus. Hope we can generate some interest and give you blokes some good competetion. Would you mind if I used last years winning pic in my post as an example?
    Prof. Pilsner

  4. Not at all, please go ahead! Cheers

  5. Bell, this is all fine and dandy, but don't you think you have a responsibility to post more than once every six days?


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