Thursday, 8 October 2009


This is what I like to see. 10pm on a school night, and they're three deep at the bar. Anyone who's been to The Gunmakers, and knows how dinky it is, will know what means - peeps are taking it in turns to breathe in and out.

Shit. The cooler that handles all four of my keg lines has packed up. It happens. It's a good job we've got four draught ales on, then: Landlord, Harvey's, Mad Goose and Doom Bar. Tomorrow night, we're going to be selling Summer Lightning and Mordue IPA as guest ales.


  1. The missus was there earlier, and enjoyed her beer and burger very much!

    Wish I could be there tomorrow night - Mordue IPA is one of my favourites.

  2. 09, 2009 10:35 am

    Was Bruce on last night, that might explain it! ;-)

  3. Thanks for finding the space (somehow) for me to host my birthday drinks there! You seemed to be busy enough as it was even without all my friends clogging up the hallway.

  4. Ewan, it's a popular man indeed who is beaten to his own birthday drinks by an advance guard of half a dozen! Thanks for having your bash at The Gunmakers, it was great seeing you all. And the presence of the London Perlmongers in the back helped pack us out too!

  5. Do you reckon the Mordue IPA will still be available on Monday? I might just give your boozer a try if it is!

  6. westmalle2002, I've got more than one cask so the Mordue will still be on Monday...


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