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Best Places To Buy a Home In Spain

Spain is regarded as Europe’s glamorous country because of its sociable people, good cuisine, peaceful lifestyle, exciting nightlife, and also its colourful festivals that are famous all over the world. It is a great country for travelers who are planning to visit abroad as it also has lovely beaches, exotic nightlife, diverse cultural places, and historical cities. It is a country comprising great geographical and cultural variety, and hence, it provides a great surprise holiday rather than being reputed for just great holidays on its beaches. This country has abundant meadows and snow-capped mountains beside large marshy lands and deserts in the S. East, and it is also famous for its lovely beaches during the peak summer season.

Spain is a varied country that shares the Iberian Peninsula along with Portugal on the west side of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is also leading in the number of World Heritage Cities and is also the second country in the world having the largest number of World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.

Best Cities of Spain

Madrid is the largest city and the capital of this country. It is famous for its huge artistic and cultural tradition, and El Prado museum is an excellent example of this fact. This place also takes pride in its vibrant nightlife which is considered the best in the world. Madrid’s Royal history dominated its culture, and this city was the heart of the Spanish kingdom. Madrid comprises all the huge palaces and buildings such as the Royal Palace that the Spanish Monarchy utilized along with huge churches and cathedrals and its ancient architecture.

Barcelona is the country’s second biggest city and comprises of several European open-air markets, restaurants, museums and shops and churches and is great for walking. This city is also having a huge and dependable Metro system for people who wish to travel to faraway places.

Granada is a city that is having a rich culture and history and is considered as the only expensive city in Spain for tourists. Besides having a history that is rich and multicultural, the city also has monuments such as the Alhambra, skiing and trekking facilities in the Sierra Nevada located nearby.

Seville is a place that has lots to offer the visitors. This city is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River which separates the city into Sevilla and Triana. There are many important places that one must see which include the Real Alcázar, The Jewish Quarter, The Hospital de los Venerables, The Cathedral of Seville, and the La Giralda. Besides all this, one can also visit many galleries and museums too.

Spanish Costas

The Costa Blanca is the most famous coastline of Alicante which is a province in Spain. This region of Spain is stunning because of the culture and its beaches. There are also some great bargain properties available on the Costa Blanca. The beaches are lovely, clean and flow into the pristine Mediterranean Sea, along with flat valleys, and lots of lovely villages that are full of traditional cultural events. It also features sandy beaches, good and cheap resorts for travelers. Besides this, it also has a golf course, hidden coves, a beautiful nature, and many other domestic areas. The mountains provide a clear view of this splendid region and the old villages that are dotted along the coastline offer the visitors a chance to explore the real Spanish life. Hence, this place is popular as a holiday spot and for those looking to buy a home, and it is easy to understand why this is so. To see property on the Costa Blanca, take a look at

The Costa Brava is located in Catalonia and has rugged cliffs and a blend of sandy and pebbled beaches. The Tossa de Mar is an unknown gem of this place, and it is a lovely little fishing village that is made very little development on the N. Spanish Mediterranean coastline. The other places worth seeing are the Girona that is an ancient Jewish city and the Cadaques – Dali museum along with a Marine Park. Here you’ll find some great Costa Brava homes for sale and rent.

Tenerife is the biggest place among the Canary Islands and hence, offers a great destination for travelers. It is considered one of the last of all the paradise islands in Europe. This place is full of exotic flora and fauna, thick forests, volcanoes, mountains and deserts, lovely coastlines and splendid beaches. Parque Rural de Anaga is a good place for hiking, and also one can drive around the island which offers some fantastic views as well. This place also has mountain roads that are long and winding and comprising lovely scenery, but these roads may prove difficult for drivers who are not very experienced. Besides all this, it also has some parks that are very attractive too.

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