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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Home On The Costa Blanca?

This is an important question to ask yourself if you like the idea of building your own house. Constructing a home in Spain involves many uncertainties and it is important to know your total budget and find a way to stick to it. It is simpler to accomplish this if you control spending from the start because building a home is an intricate procedure in which many variables are implicated.

It is undeniably important to hire an architect who will help you in the design of the property and in producing necessary documents such as the bill of quantities, in which all the work units that will be necessary to complete the build must be considered, corresponding to the requirements that you have requested.

Any ideas related to concept design, structural work, and installations must be incorporated in the bill of quantities. The financial plan for building a house is extremely variable and adjustable to time, but we will cover the basics of what to expect when you hire an architect.

Factors influencing the cost per square metre

When we discuss the cost of building a house, specialists refer to the cost per square metre, without adding the fees for taxes or licenses which will need to be included in the total budget. The budget is divided into the work steps required to complete the building work.

This budget depends on factors that may interfere in the construction, such as topographic characteristics, the area of the home, the material quality, finishes, the complexity, and finally, the construction firm itself.

Cost per square meter of construction

The expected budget for a single-family Costa Blanca home has increased substantially this last year from around €900/m² to 1.200€ -1.500€/m2, and this is talking about relatively basic materials.

 You must consider these variables:

The total covered area

The price per m² increases with the area of materials. Needless to say, 100m2 of floor tiles is cheaper than 1.000m2.

One or two floors?

Distributing a house on one or two floors is pivotal in the total budget. From 150 m² it’s more advantageous to build on two floors instead of one, as the influence of the foundations and roof sections is reduced.

Other variables to consider

A house with unique spaces like patios and terraces increases the budget.

A flat roof is much more inexpensive than a sloped roof.

The effect on the final cost of a house, if designed with facing brick or regular renderable clay brick is quite considerable, although it is correct that over time the facing brick is cheaper in the long run because it is no maintenance for decades, and the render is finished with paint that needs to be replaced every 10 years or so. So, it is at first cheaper to build with a plastered and painted render.

Building a cellar has an impact on the total fee of building a Costa Blanca house, making it pricy, but it will improve the insulation of the ground floor and provides the home with additional space, but it is expensive for what you get.

Let’s suppose that you have a limited budget and would like to build a 150m2 home. The best option is a house with a square volume, two floors, a flat roof, and a normal hollow brick rendered painted facade.

A build like this on the Costa Blanca would cost roughly €1.100/m². If you were to build extra spaces like terraces, add a sloping roof and go for high-quality finishes, you would be looking at about €1,300/m².  Adding a basement would cost about €1,500/m².

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