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Reasons To Pick Javea as Your Relocation Destination

Javea is one of the top relocation destinations for expats. It boasts of a rich Spanish culture, and at the same time, you can find other expats from the UK here, who can share with you tips on how to fit in smoothly. Are you looking to relocate to Spain? Here are reasons why you should choose Javea as your ideal destination.

Are you looking for a blend of both the Spanish and European culture? Then Javea is the place to be. The enticing Spanish culture won’t only welcome you, but you will also fit in with other expats. It is simply a home away from home. If you are looking to hang out with fellow expats, you can check out the Arenal Area. For those solely looking for Spanish culture then you can head to towns such as Gata and Jesus Pobre.

The list of activities that you can engage in Javea is endless. This includes both indoors and outdoors activities. However, summer is the perfect time for you to participate in outdoor activities which include surfing, swimming, playing rugby, netball and football amongst others. If you love marine life, you can go snorkelling and diving. Do you prefer fewer active activities? You can always join crafts and bridge clubs.

Do you fancy spending afternoons sipping your favourite cocktail or drink? Then Javea can offer you just that, more especially in the Arenal area. Here you can find lots of bars and hangout joints. The prices are low, and the quality is superb.

You are definitely excited about your move to Spain. But when you get there, one of the challenges that always arise is the language barrier. Being able to engage with fellow expats can be comforting and makes you fit in faster. In Javea, as you slowly learn Spanish, you can enjoy the company of European expats. They can help you find your way around and give you tips on how to settle down faster.

Additionally, you can seek legal and financial help from Notaries or Gestors who acts as attorneys and financial experts. These guys can help you know how to do your taxes, insurance and other legal or business matters. Many local estate agents offer friendly advice on these legal matters as well.

Are you relocating to Spain with kids? Well, you have nothing to worry about their education since there are lots of private schools that offer the UK curriculum. They are way cheaper than private schools in the UK since here you can pay at least 5,000 euros per year. We highly recommend private schools for older kids since they are already used to it. However, for younger ones, you might want to enrol them into the Spanish curriculum. Here they will learn faster about the Spanish language and culture.

Having put all the above aspects in place, you can now take a step back and enjoy your new life in Spain. You might also have to get a job if your pension isn’t that great. You need to know that the wages in Spain are a bit low compared to in the UK. This is, however, compensated in the cheap cost of living. Being able to speak and write in Spanish is an added advantage, but it’s not compulsory. Several European companies deal with European clients. Making it not mandatory for you to know Spanish.

If you had made enormous savings and carried them with you from back home, you might want to start a business. However, we advise that you proceed with caution because you will be getting into new economic conditions. Take time to study the marketplace first.

Relocating to Spain isn’t as hard as people think. Once you make the bold move, within six months, you will have settled, made friends, got a job and most importantly learnt some Spanish. From there, what’s left is to enjoy life to the fullest.

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