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Travelling Tips for the Disabled

Do you have a physical disability or are you traveling with anyone who is having any physical disability? Nowadays, with the availability of so many facilities, you can easily plan your trip that will not create any problem.

Approach agents or trip companies to get the best deal that matches your needs. Planning an independent trip has become so easy with a conventional wheelchair.

Following tips may help you to enjoy a comfortable journey:

Before You Go:

Make your plans. You should do what would be your next step as possibly as you can. Many airline companies allow patients to carry one wheelchair per plane. Also, you may get an accessible wheelchair facility in hotels as well.

Learn about your destination:

To learn more on accessibility, it would be easier to check the Web sites of concerned hotels and guidebooks for details. Learn if the location has buildings or streets without elevator facility, then it is best not to visit such places.

Research your hotel:

Thanks to internet technology, you can look inside your booked hotel. You can inquire about your room and its facility. Ask them in detail what additional facility they provide to their guests. Do not trust any unreliable information source but cross check with the hotel only. It will help you to get the real picture of your hired accommodation.

Pack carefully:

While packing up your stuff, it becomes important for you to pack all the important medication that you will need. Also, you will have to cross check everything that you may require during your trip to your chosen destination.

Pack light:

Disability brings a lot of discomfort in life. Hence, planning should be done very carefully. Figure out, what you need on a daily basis and pack accordingly. Do not pack everything but make space for things that you need the most on a smaller scale. As many airlines have a limit on the amount of weight to be carried while boarding the flight. If you any such requirements, it would be better to call the particular airline and check the website.

Take an Attendant:

Traveling can be tiring even though you are in perfect health. Hence, it would be better for you to ask someone close to accompany you for the trip. An attendant or close person can help you with everything, and you need not take any strain.

Traveling with a Service Animal:

The United States clearly states through its law that no businesses that serve the public can deny serving to people with disabilities. The ADA requires businesses to give easy access to people with disabilities to bring trained animals onto the premises in the allowed area like airports, airport food service outlets and on airplanes.

Traveling with Oxygen:

People having any breathing problems can travel with oxygen and seek more comfort and safety. Make proper arrangements in advance and confirm details much before the scheduled trip to your chosen destination. The United States’ law clearly defines a doctor’s handwritten permission for a patient to carry the oxygen requirements.

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