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Working In Spain Teaching English – Are There Jobs In 2019?

Since English has become a language in high demand in Spain, there are a lot of academic institutions that are therefore looking for native English speakers. There are various types of English jobs that will need you to work with the adult as well as the children, it only depends on the kind of experience you are looking for, and there is definitely a job for you if you are thinking about working abroad. Below are some of the English teaching jobs that you can do in Spain this 2019.

Language assistant

The most popular as well as the easiest way to teach English in Spain is to be a language assistant. You will need to work in a public school as a language assistant instead of being a full-time teacher. However, this is the best way that you can use to gain experience before you can get the TEFL certificate. This type of job can be found just anywhere in the country, and one will need to work for at least 12 hours, the good thing is that it comes with health insurance.

Private schools

To teach in Spanish public schools is hard if you have not gone through a program as well as if you are not a resident of EU. The private language schools, as well as the academies, are normally on the look for native English speakers to help them in teaching adult and children classes. These types of schools are all over the country and can be easily found. And also most of them have got websites where you can use your little internet to find them. However, you have to note that, if you are a none-EU then your payment will be done under the table, this basically means that you will miss out on some benefits like sick leave or health insurance.

Volunteer teaching

For those who are in Spain just for a short period of time, they should go for volunteer teaching; there are a lot of organizations which offer such opportunities for short staying people who would like to volunteer to teach English to the host family. However, there is no kind of compensation, but you will be guaranteed free accommodation.

To be able to teach in Spain, you must be native English speaker, and this is because this is basically what your employers will pay you for, and also any academic job will need to have this. It is not a must for you to be a citizen of a country that is speaking English, but you must know English, to be sure about this, you should check with each program.

You should also have a bachelor’s degree which can give you more opportunities and make you receive higher pay. You must ensure that you have with you a teaching certification which will make your employers be more attracted to you.

And more so, you should also have the basic Spanish skills. There are teaching jobs in Spain, you should just have the required skills, and you are right to go.

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